Forklift - Zip & Mos
Forklift - Zip & Mos
Forklift - Zip & Mos
Forklift - Zip & Mos
Forklift - Zip & Mos
Forklift - Zip & Mos
Forklift - Zip & Mos

Wood Trick


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A powerful lift is a unique model of a forklift that has a mechanical base and a transmission. This set includes three elements: the basic model of the forklift, a pallet and a money box.

Many movement mechanisms allow not only to control the machine, but also to regulate the height of the forks for lifting and transporting cargo. Using the special tray that comes with the kit, you can load and transport different items. The advanced model of the engine is able to start mechanisms and help the loader to overcome considerable distances at different speeds.


Country:  Ukraine

Brand:  Wood Trick

Material:  Eco friendly plywood

Movement:  Mechanical

Assembly:  Without glue

Assembly:  Self

Quantity of parts:  385

Model size, l*w*h*

6.49*12.40*4.52 in

(165*315*115 mm)

Packing size, l*w*h*

14.37*7.28*1.96 in

(370*185*50 mm)

Complexity of assembly:  Difficult

Assembly time:  8 hours

Weight of the model in package

3.67 lb (1.672 kg)

Recommended Age:  14+

Assembly Instructions


Another additional element from this set is money box. It is part of the basic design, but at the same time, it can be a separate decoration of your collection. A separately developed assembly mechanism allows you to create your own cash deposit, which is easily collected and disassembled.

Forklift with pallet and money box could be a great idea for presents and decoration for your house. You can assemble it individually, together with your family or friends. All using materials are absolutely harmless and environmentally friendly.