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Clever Blend Roll-On, Part of the Good Vibes Collection

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Strut your seductive brainpower with the focusing and innovating influence of this balanced aromatherapy blend. Improve productivity, refine concentration and foster creativity with a powerful and natural boost.

  • Be at your mental and academic best with the help of 100% pure essential oils
  • Breathe this aromatherapy boost for feelings of resourcefulness and vision
  • Improve feelings of memory and retention when studying or performing tedious mental tasks
  • Use at school, work, or home to improve feelings of engagement and retention for assignment and homework
  • Contains 100% pure therapeutic-quality oil from completely natural sources

Uncover the resources you need to power your own unique story with this focusing and inspiring blend of 100% pure essential oils. Designed to help you show off your mental prowess and intellectual fortitude, our Clever blend is the perfect mix of natural products to boost retention, preserve memory, promote creativity and improve focus if the mental going ever gets tough. This sweet-scented blend works to create feelings of resourcefulness, originality and vision when you need a bit of natural inspiration.

This delicious blend is a sweet and animating mix of essential oils including the powerful mood-boosting effects of rare Melissa essential oil, a kick of sweet Peppermint, the bright citrus twist of Clementine, the commanding calm of Coriander, the focusing power of Basil, the fresh and bitter-sweet scent of Yuzu, memory-boosting Rosemary and the stimulating effects of Balsam of Peru essential oils.

Use at work or school for feelings of engagement, energy and memory. Apply to overcome test anxiety when the stakes are high, or use to absorb the tedium during long or monotonous mental tasks. Apply liberally and help your teens keep their eye on the book during homework hours, or send with them to school to help them be at their academic best.

How to Use Essential Oils on the Skin

Topical application of Sacred Life blends is a highly effective method to receive therapeutic benefits from essential oils. On the skin, essential oil can both be enjoyed aromatically and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Our convenient roll-on bottles are safely diluted and ready to use … simply swipe them across your target area and massage in without worrying about additional steps for dilution. We use the purest, best essential oils and the highest quality Fractionated Coconut Oil for aromatherapy retention and moisturizing.


Our roll-ons are ready for topical application. Apply them directly to the skin across areas of high blood flow such as on the wrists, inside the elbow, or across the back of the neck. As a starting point we suggest using them three or four times per day. But listen to your body – some people need more applications, and some might do well with less.

Our ready-to-use blends are already pre-diluted with our 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil for safe topical use. For additional information, consult your health practitioner. To learn more ways to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of your oils, see these flexible methods for aromatherapy application:

Palm & Wrist Inhalation

At work or on the go, you can still enjoy Sacred Life blends – just use the roll-on applicator to swipe two or three stripes across your palms or wrists. Rub briefly together. Bring your hands toward your face and take several deep breaths. Cup over your nose and mouth, and briefly hold the inhale to intensify the effect. This method is especially effective with the the Breathe blend from the Immunity Kit and the Attention blend from the Mood Kit.

Active Massage

No time for a full-body massage? Discover an aromatherapy shortcut with an active massage at your desk, home, or on-the-go. Simply use the roll-on applicator to apply several layers of the essential oil to your hands and to the back of your neck. Bring your hand to your face and take three deep breaths, releasing each slowly. Begin massaging the blend into your neck, along your jawline, and into your calf muscles (if your clothing allows. If not, concentrate on the ankles). You will feel refreshed, energized, and the topical use of the essential oil will help you further enjoy the benefits of healthy all-natural elements.

Rest and Relaxation

Home for the day and ready to relax? Sacred Life blends can be a big part of healthy stress release and bedtime routines for better health and sleep. Try this application – use your favorite relaxation blend on the back of your neck and large shoulder muscles. Rub briefly into your gut in gentle circles, and across your feet and ankles, concentrating on the big toes and inner arches.